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Press Aug. 2012

By Anthony Henry

Taking a break from her music and the throws of everyday life to relax at her Toronto-home is often the time when Empress Minott reflects on the years and those who have helped to shape her career.Of her biggest influences is her father – James 'Stead' Minott – who transcended to another plain of existence in 2003. She recalls a story, with a half smile and a half laugh, that in hindsight she saw as prophetic , which involves her father.

The story was set when she was five years old in Portland. She and friends were always performing at premises for persons in her community.

Empress Minott had been attracting a small following, after one performance she began getting all the attention even more than an older boy who was part of the group of children who sang. Without provocation, the boy began stoning her. One of the stones caught her in the head giving her the trademark scar in her forehead.

When she was taken home, her father comforted her and told her that she'll become a major star some day and warned her that she'll face many obstacles during her rise to the top. Empress Minott has used those words of comfort as her strength, her shield or her bridgehead in forging her way forward in the music.

"Music feeds my soul. I have loved music ever since I have known myself " Empress Minott says

This clever young genius aspires to be highly involved and recognized in the music industry and plans to jump into the 21st century with her energetic deliverance of conscious reggae music.

"Greatness begins in the family and I give all honors to my late great loving father who made the way
possible for me", she passionately expresses.

With a strong sense of purpose and priority, Empress Minott has cherished, maintained and promoted her African/Jamaican culture, which has increased her self-determination and purpose of existence.

"Without the knowledge of myself there would be no direction in my future, so I give thanks for the
indigenous culture that we were blessed with", she explains.

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